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The Big 6

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    Initial Teacher Training

    Highly regarded bespoke training packages offered in partnership with iTi Teaching School and the University of Chichester.

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    Continuing Professional Development

    Stay 'ahead of the game' by always being familiar with best practice so you can be the best teacher you can be.

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    Succession Planning

    Identify and develop key people to fill leadership positions in your school and so increase the availability of capable individuals prepared to assume responsibilities as they become available.

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    Research and Development

    "Whether we call it a research, Enquiry or "Finding Out Culture" is not for me important, what matters is having a means of finding out what works for our children" - Darryl Morgan

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    Specialist Leaders of Education

    The Surrey Teaching Schools Network has run leadership programmes for over 300 middle and senior leaders, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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    School-to-School Support

    Find out how your school can benefit from the support of an experienced leader and a system of partnerships that draws upon the expertise of a large number of individuals.

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