I n n o v a t i o n

Staff / Governor Focus Visits

All staff are seen as equally valued participants in the leadership of Learning and whole school development.

Visiting other schools;

Inspires, motivates, challenges, supports, innovates, grows, facilitates and drives improvement, affirms and builds on best practice


  • To develop capability, capacity, awareness and understanding of learning.
  • To build capacity for succession planning across the whole staff team, in a proactive solution based approach.
  • Developing a positive solution focussed ethos within all staff, recognising leadership happens at all levels.
  • To challenge and extend the remit and impact of teachers and support staff working at all levels.
  • With a school led system of evidence based leadership and development, to provide a system for staff to seek and undertake verification and review of provision and initiatives, challenging and celebrating successes and outstanding practice.
  • To further our ethos of developing a finding out culture, through outward looking enquiry leading developmental opportunity, in the spirit of collaboration.
  • To both provide evaluation of provision and practise alongside identifying impact and next step development, or equally seeking advice and support around an area requiring improvement.


  • Professional conduct followed to ensure a productive and mutually beneficial experience for all parties.
  • Ensure confidentiality is adhered to, with the exception of safeguarding issues, (all visitors will be provided with the names of the school’s DCPOs).
  • A reflective process that is cognisant of the balance of challenge and support that makes this a constructive experience.
  • Costs will be born by the participating schools in recognition of the mutual benefits accrued.



Visit Exemplar

Elements of provision, initiatives, strategies, Quality of T&L, impact of CPD, Curriculum Development

Looking at the deployment and expertise of support staff in ensuring engagement in learning for all pupils/students and when not directly engaged with children the role of support staff undertaking on-going assessment of learning.

This has been a focus for the school over a period of time and we are interested to gain an external view on how this works and also ideas to take it further.


Learning Walks,

Observations, Meetings, Presentations

Through two learning walks.  One from 9.00 to 9.30 as pupils come in and are settled to morning work and one at 10.00 to 10.30 looking at deployment in classes.  Then to discuss over refreshments

9.30 – 10.00 thoughts on first learning walk

10.30 – 11.00 discussions relating to second learning walk

11..00 – 11.30 time to reflect on next steps

Refreshments will be provided throughout the morning.


Thoughts and Learning

Questions and Barriers

Even Better If

Next Steps:

Evaluation, what does this mean for our school?

Host School:  The Ridgeway Community School
Visiting School